West India

Major destinations: Goa, Mumbai and Gujarat
Religious destinations: Sun temple, Dwarkadish Temple
Special attractions: Beaches of Goa, Seafood, Vibrant markets, Asiatic lion.

The West of India has kilometres of palm-fringed coastline to explore, including the relaxed holiday destination of Goa, a former Portugese colony where ruined forts, vibrant markets and fabulous seafood are the draw to this popular part of India. Goa is known for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. Mumbai is the most famous city and the financial hub of the India, is the city of fashion, Bollywood. Mumbai lures visitors with its cosmopolitan nightlife and vivid spice bazaars and ancient art housed in the Elephanta rock cave. It is visited in large numbers by international and domestic tourists. Gujarat has a very distinctive culture despite that it is far less visited than its neighbouring states Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The Gir National Park in Gujarat is the last remaining habitat of rare Asiatic Lion.

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